The fellowship of women in our church includes every woman, young and old, member or “friend” of the church.  We are a busy group that plays a vital role in the life of this church as you will see in the following list of activities planned for this year.  We offer many ways to enjoy inspirational moments of spiritual refreshment, fun, fellowship, food and creative discovery together.  We invite all women to join us, for in faith we are women who shape the future through Fellowship and Friendship.


We are also a part of a WIDER FELLOWSHIP OF WOMEN, too!  As a part of that wider fellowship we are always invited to join together with women of faith from other churches across the state for special meetings and events.  Known as the CT Women of the UCC (CTUCC) their logo above embodies the spirit and mission of our state Women’s Fellowship. The outline is of the Charter Oak, a prominent symbol of the particular heritage of our state. Service, Study, and Worship are represented by icons inside the tree and are the three themes of the ways work is organized at the state level. The words under the roots of the tree -- "God gives the Growth" find their origin in I Corinthians 3:6.


The annual gathering of the Connecticut Women of the United Church of Christ takes place yearly, usually in April. A keynote speaker and workshops highlight a day filled with worship, fellowship, election of officers, communion, a delicious lunch, music and a SERRV exhibit for our shopping pleasure! We encourage our women to attend this gathering and any other event that might be happening.  Our church  newsletter, The Belfry Chimes, and the women’s bulletin board in our fellowship hall are where notices of such happenings can be found.





During the 2020/2021 church year board meetings will be planned as needed.  Notice will be given through the Church President's weekly message.




PRESIDENT - Nancy Johnson 

VICE PRESIDENT – Phyllis Clark 

SECRETARY - Sandy Baines 

TREASURER – Ann Dimock


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