January Missions Moment 


Streetfire Ministries ~ “Thursday Night Strike” – January 28 and February 25

On Thursday, January 28 and February 25, our Missions Board continues to support Streetfire Ministries by providing soup and sandwiches to be served in the evening hours. On January 28, we will provide chicken soup and an array of sandwiches.  If you would like to help in preparing the soup or type of sandwich, please contact Karen Faass at (860) 346-7487 or email ~ (faass@comcast.net).  Even though we cannot be together, we can still be together in heart to bring food to those in need ~ our meal for February 25 is still to be determined.    

Giving Tree-The Missions Board would like to send a warm “thank you” to all those who participated in our “Giving Tree” this holiday.  The timing was very tight; however, despite the difficulty, all gifts came in and were delivered to Ruth Maio on time.  It was truly heartening and touching to see the names of volunteers make the season bright for so many who are struggling.  In addition to the gifts, donations came in and we presented Ruth with a check for $232.00. The tradition of the “Giving Tree” would not have been possible without your help!

Special Offerings ~ In December, $557.27 was collected for the Christmas Eve Fund which is sent to the Portland Food Bank; and $320 was collected for the UCC Christmas Fund ~ thank you for making donations.  

Collection of Hats, Gloves and Socks 

A special “thank you” to Ann Labby, the Board of Christian Education, and all those who collected hats, gloves and socks for Streetfire Ministries.  These items will certainly be put to good use this winter, as they are passed out to patrons when serving meals.